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Name: Keibungaku

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts II, Riku, or Mickey, and Square Enix and Disney should be really glad of that.

Category: Beastiality, Tentacles, Lemon, Shouta

Rating: M, for non-consensual keyblade/tentacle/mouse sex

Summary: Mickey's plan to bring out Riku's light doesn't turn out as well as he expected.

Any notes you want to add: I'm afraid this isn't squicky enough…

Mickey watched the door close behind them, leaving them in a light so bright it made the shadows ever deeper. These shadows stained the light, twisted it into perverse shapes that called out a song of agony, of years of torment. The hearts that had been sent here had been festering, hankering to be released, had turned twisted and dark in the face of the light. They had wanted so desperately to come out of the door, to flood the world with darkness disguised as light, but their opportunity had been cut short. Mickey hated it, the desperation, the piteous wails that only his overly sensitive ears could hear. If it was possible for such a light being as himself to hate, he hated this light and shadow with every fiber of his being.

Riku, on the other hand—the boy’s heart, the darkness that had taken over his heart resonated with the pain, the agony. He was near euphoric with the joy of these dark hearts, the darkness inside of him calling out to its brethren, casting a shadow within the light. Riku’s mind was slowly being overtaken by the darkness again, the true happiness in helping Sora being overcome by the need to take the dark hearts from the blinding light into his own, to give them a physical means of release. When he escaped from the light, the tainted hearts could go with him. They didn’t care that his physical body would be ripped apart by the darkness, the immense pain the boy would be in before he died.

Mickey was well aware of the danger, but could not think of a way that would save young Riku, at least not one that wouldn’t hurt the boy in the process. But a little pain now would save the boy from death later, right? He had to act fast. Using his quick reflexes, the mouse both pounced on the unsuspecting boy while removing his pants. He hastily used the pants to bind the youth’s wrists together, using all of his strength to hold the boy down as he began to struggle.

“Riku, calm down, it’s for your own good,” Mickey tried to reassure the struggling teen, a child really, too young for him to experience this. The boy calmed enough for the mouse to remove the child’s pants and the undergarments within, before the boy resumed his struggling, harder this time.

Slightly saddened, but aware that this task was imperative to Riku’s survival, Mickey summoned his Keyblade. Without warning, so as not to make the boy further tense and cause himself more pain, Mickey forcefully pushed the key against and into Riku. The boy screamed, raw and relentless, and Mickey forced his hypersensitive ears to hear the pain that he was causing the boy, as his penance for this deed. Riku screamed until he was desperate for air, and upon drawing a breath he resumed his cries, this time broken by gasps and sobs, the only thing he could do amidst this torment. The Keyblade was bigger than any man, the end sharp and spiky, ripping through Riku’s virginal skin, tearing at flesh, the only lubrication the spill of Riku’s blood.

Mickey pushed and pulled the hilt of the Keyblade, pumping in and out of Riku, desperate to bring the boy’s climax quickly so he could remove the offending item. The Keyblade would heal the boy’s darkness, call out to the light left in his heart, and bring the light to the fore, banishing the shade. However, the boy had to orgasm for this to work, and to orgasm, the boy needed to feel pleasure. Mickey could see that the boy was only feeling pain. This needed to be remedied, and fast.

Moving his hand from the hilt of the Keyblade further up the shaft, he held the blade steady, ceasing the relentless intrusion into Riku. The boy slowly opened one eye, cautiously inspecting his surroundings, slightly confused by the cessation of movement. His gaze caught sight of his exposed penis before a dark head with two round ear atop it obscured it from view.

Shocked, but mostly horrified, Riku managed to choke out “What-“ before his over-sensitized body reacted in pure pleasure, the mouse’s wide mouth engulfing his flaccid penis. The boy’s erection grew steadily, despite his suddenly alert mind willing it not to. Riku didn’t want this creature, even if it was the King, stealing his virginity in every way!

Riku’s alertness was quickly fading again, the darkness in his heart taking over. Tendrils of darkness erupted from his body, snaking around Mickey, attempting to remove him from the boy, to prevent the light from snuffing it out. Purely malevolent tentacles wrapped around Mickey’s arms, legs, trying to separate physical contact, pushing into the mouse’s exposed entrance when pure violence didn’t work. Darkness pulsed from the head of Riku’s penis, shoving itself down the King’s throat mercilessly.

Desperate to fight the darkness before it took over, Mickey worked around the darkness constricting his airway, against the tentacles inside of him, causing him pain and weakening his light, his resolve, his physical strength. He doubled his efforts on Riku’s erection, and resumed thrusting the Keyblade into the boy, pace frantic, hoping that he wasn’t causing the boy too much lasting damage, hoping that it wasn’t too late. His last feeling as the darkness took over, bringing his release, was sadness that the boy experienced such pain in his last moments.